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Since its founding in 1993 by Pope St. John Paul II, Centesimus Annus Pro Pontifice has sought to promote the knowledge and practice of Catholic social teaching.

Here in the United States, the need for the glorious treasure that is the Church’s social teaching and the remedies contained therein is desperate. CAPP-USA seeks to make the Church’s abundant wisdom accessible by writing specifically about how these remedies apply to the issues and underlying pathologies threatening our country.

Beginning with the three principles (human dignity, solidarity, subsidiarity), and in pursuit of the common good, CAPP-USA tackles the structures of our society, the major themes of this rich social doctrine, and applies the insights of scholars, prelates, and lay faithful to the challenges of modern America.

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Catholic Social Teaching: The Principles

Major Themes of Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic Social Teaching and the Common Good

Catholic Social Teaching and the Preferential Option for the Poor

Catholic Social Teaching and the Right to Private Property

Catholic Social Teaching and the Universal Destination of Goods

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Catholic Social Teaching on the Structures of Society

Catholic Social Teaching & Pathologies

Catholic Social Teaching and Our Physical Environment

Catholic Social Teaching and Our Human Environment

Catholic Social Teaching and Integral Ecology

Catholic Social Teaching and Alienation

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Catholic Social Teaching on Contemporary Issues


Pope St. John Paul II established CAPP —
“to promote and defend the knowledge and the practice of the Church’s social doctrine.

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