Papal Addresses to CAPP

The unique relationship CAPP holds with the Holy Fathers and Apostolic See – noted in the “Pro Pontifice” part of our name – is captured by Pope St. John Paul II when he said,

Your Foundation is characterized at the same time by its particular closeness to the Successor of Peter and to the Apostolic See“.

Address to The Members of The Foundation Centesimus Annus – Pro Pontifice, June 5, 1993

This special relationship has been marked with consecutive annual, private papal audiences and several projects conducted on behalf of the Holy Fathers with Pope Francis telling us on 26 May 2018:

“In a particular way, in this, the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Foundation’s establishment by Saint John Paul II, I express my gratitude for your work in making known the wisdom of the Church’s social teaching…After a quarter-century, this task remains more necessary than ever…Dear friends, I encourage you, I encourage your efforts to bring the light of the Gospel and the richness of the Church’s social teaching to these pressing issues by contributing to informed discussion, dialogue and research, but also by committing yourselves for that change of attitudes, opinions and lifestyles which is essential for building a world of greater justice, freedom and harmony.”

Address to The Centesimus Annus – Pro Pontifice Foundation

We are humbled by CAPP’s close association to the Vicar of Christ and proud to share the Holy Fathers’ words to us over the decades.

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