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Universal Healthcare pros and cons

Health, is “a universal right which means that access to healthcare services cannot be a privilege.” – Pope Francis

Universal Healthcare pros and cons
All, Human Dignity, The Common Good
Health, is “a universal right which means that access to healthcare services cannot be a privilege.” - Pope Francis
Pornography Assaults Human Dignity
Alienation, All, Human Dignity
"Pornography is immoral and ultimately anti–social precisely because it is opposed to the truth about the human person". - Pope St. John Paul II
What is Christian Humanism?
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Christian humanism is acknowledging our God-given dignity and our purpose to serve Him through our fellow man.
What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?
Abortion, All, Human Dignity
"The Lord who made you...who formed you from the womb" (Isaiah 44). The Church interprets Scripture to mean precisely that our lives, fashioned by God from the moment we are "conceived", have dignity.
Pope Francis and Gender Ideology
All, Human Dignity, LGBT
"I always distinguish between what pastoral care is for people who have a different sexual orientation and what gender ideology is. They are two different things." (Pope Francis)