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Pope Francis: WELCOME - PROTECT - PROMOTE - INTEGRATE: Refugees and Migrants
WELCOME - PROTECT - PROMOTE - INTEGRATE: The number of people forced to flee their homes in 2017 rose by nearly million to 68.5 million.(According to the head of the UN High Commission On Refugees (UNHCR) Flippio Grandi).
posted on: Sep 02, 2018 07:33pm


Quote - Pope Francis' Call for Escaping Poverty
Summary Report Sept. 23, 2016, CAPP-USA - Fordham Conference "..To enable these real men and women to escape from extreme poverty, we must allow them to be dignified agents of their own destiny..." [Sept. 2015 Address to the United Nations]
posted on: Dec 07, 2016 02:07am
Francis' Thoughts on Politics
"We must participate in politics because politics is one of the highest forms of charity because it seeks the common good. And Christian lay people must work in politics." (Address to the Students of the Jesuit Schools of Italy and Albania, 7 June 2013)
posted on: Dec 15, 2013 10:04pm
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Just a Thought
Over 120 years ago, Pope Leo XIII introduced the idea of a “just” wage in his encyclical, Rerum Novarum.  He defined the just wage as an amount needed to support a thrifty and upright worker plus his family, and prescribed that it must be sufficient enough to allow the worker to save and acquire property of his own.  Read more