As part of the mission assigned CAPP by our founder, Pope Saint John Paul the Great, to promote informed knowledge of the activity of the Holy See among qualified and socially motivated business and professional leaders, American CAPP members sponsored Joseph F. X. Zahra, fellow CAPP member and Vice-Coordinator of the Council for the Economy, Holy See, at a series of talks and interviews in Washington and New York February 3 - 8, 2016.

As the most senior lay person in the Curia, Mr. Zahra has been at the heart of Pope Francis’ reform initiatives from the beginning. Starting as the Holy Father’s handpicked President of the Pontifical Commission for Reference on the Economic-Administrative Structure of the Holy See, he was charged by Pope Francis to investigate accounting practices among Vatican offices and bodies and to help devise new strategies for greater fiscal responsibility and transparency. Subsequently, Mr. Zahra was named Vice-Coordinator of the Council for the Economy of The Holy See. Established by Pope Francis, the Council has oversight for the administrative and financial structures and activities of the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia, the institutions linked to the Holy See, and the Vatican City State.

Addressing administrators, faculty and students at Georgetown University, The Catholic University of America, the American Enterprise Institute, the United Nations as well as members and guests of CAPP in Washington, Mr. Zahra was joined for all or part of these presentations by His Eminence, Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington and CAPP-USA’s National Ecclesiastical Counselor; Robert A. Nalewajek, President, CAPP-USA; and CAPP-USA members and its Board.

Videos of Mr. Zahra’s talks at The CUA and United Nations are/will soon be linked, below - while a National Catholic Reporter article on his talk at the UN may be viewed at and a Catholic News Agency article on his talk at The CUA is at

Finally, in an interview with EWTN, Mr. Zahra shared the concerns of the Holy Father to ensure that there was a system of checks and balances in managing the financial activities at the Vatican, particularly from the point of view of funding the needs of the impoverished and marginalized. You can watch the interview on YouTube below, or view it directly here. (courtesy of EWTN Nightly News, Feb. 5, 2016).

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