"Do not expect peace in society without seeking the common good.""More than a tinge of urgency can be detected...in Pope Francis' comments on business and economics in his Exhortation, 'Evangelii Gaudium.'"

In his January 8, 2014, "Newsbook" (Malta) blog, Joseph FX Zahra emphasizes the intensity of the Holy Father's Exhortation (Evangelii Gaudium) stating, "Francis gives us a realistic look at humanity battered by the experience of a deep financial and economic crisis."  Francis stresses, "...we need to have a human face to development."  

Mr. Zahra writes, "it is here that Francis raises his voice with four warnings: No to an economy of exclusion; No to the new idolatry of money (consumerism / overspending on non-essentials / waste); No to a financial system which rules rather than saves; No to inequality which spawns violence."  Read more

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We must go from here with a sense of urgency, in haste.  The going out: that is the greatest task of all.  This conference, much like the Church, is not a place that we “come to.”  It is a place we “go from.” Read more