The Medical Profession

Upholds the Dignity of Life


A Special Vocation

Progress Must Adhere to God’s Design

Serves the Whole Person

Service of life should see committed, with generous enthusiasm, Catholic doctors particularly.

– Pope St. John Paul II, Address to the Italian Catholic Doctors Association

The Three Principles

Human Dignity

“There is no one, believer or unbeliever, who can refuse to respect human life, to make it his duty to defend it, to save it, most especially which as yet it has no voice to proclaim its rights. May all doctors be faithful to the saying of Hippocrates which they swear to uphold when they receive their doctorate!”

– Pope St. John Paul II, Address at the Conclusion of the 35th General Assembly of the World Medical Association


“Today, although on the one hand because of the progress in technology and science the ability to heal the sick physically is increasing, on the other, the ability to “care for” the patient, seen in his integrity and uniqueness, appears to be weakening. It is to be hoped that the language of the “Christian science of suffering” — to which belong compassion, solidarity, sharing, self-denial, giving freely, the gift of self — become the universal lexicon of those who work in the sector of health-care assistance.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, to Participants in the International Congress Organized by the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers


“It is necessary to work with greater commitment at all levels to ensure that the right to health care is rendered effective by furthering access to basic health care. In our day on the one hand we are witnessing an attention to health that borders on pharmacological, medical and surgical consumerism, almost a cult of the body, and on the other, the difficulty of millions of people in achieving a basic standard of subsistence and in obtaining the indispensable medicines for treatment.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, to Participants in the 25th International Conference Organized by the Pontifical Council for Health Care Workers


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